I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years. Do not ask me why I stayed because I still do not have the answer, but this poem is my way of letting young ladies know its not okay for a lover to physically, verbally and emotionally abuse you. It took a while but I eventually walked out of the relationship. If he abuses you while dating he will abuse you in marriage. Always remember, Love should not hurt.



When I think of  our time  together I  remember only  pain

The hurt and shame you inflicted I remember now and again.

I remember the harsh words, hard hits and of course the spite

I remember you ignoring me when I was a horrid sight

I remember how you choked me and dragged me in the dust

My only offense was loving you, you son of Mr. Rufus.



Yes, you brought me flowers and gave me  surprise dates

but these lasted for some hours at best they lasted days

Your jealousy, your temper,your selfishness and rage

were the things I put up with believing you would change

I loved you with everything but this love was just a curse

for I don’t know why I remained with you, Son of Mr. Rufus


The scars I hid under my clothes, the tears I shed each night

were signs enough to  make me leave and escape this deadly plight

but you always begged and promised that you’ll  turn a new leaf

you never changed, you became worse, my life was filled with grief

and you boldly told me all you did was simply just for Us

that when we marry I would see a new son of Mr. Rufus.

When I think of our days together I only think of pain

I remember you leaving me alone out  in the rain

though It took me a long while to rise and walk away

I am very glad I did , so glad I did not stay

I lost nothing by  leaving you, in fact it was your loss

for when I left,  I left behind the son of Mr. Rufus.


a poem by D. Ray


NOTE: Don’t stay in an abusive relationship.



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